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Setup and Installation:

  • Program: The same as programming a new garage door remote.
  • Install: Screw or stick Protectrix to the inside or your garage door.
  • Set Delay: Adjust Delay Timer to prefered amount of time before garage door closes.

Protectrix™ Works as Follows:

  • Running on a 9V battery, and using an internal tilt sensor, Protectrix™ detects when the garage door is open
  • When the garage door is open for too long (variable 1 minute to 4 hours), Protectrix™ sets off a Beep and a flash.
  • If the garage door is not closed before the alarm ends (30 seconds), Protectrix™ sends a signal to your garage door opener to close the garage (the signal sent is the same as the signal sent from your garage door remote control)


  • Requires NO wiring, and installs in only 5 minutes.
  • Can be easily disabled by turning the DELAY setting to Off.
  • DELAY settings from 1 minute to 4 hours.
  • Works with all existing sensors in your garage, such as the beam and force sensors built into most garage door openers.
  • Alarm periodically beeps and flashes when battery is low.

Automatic Garage Door Timer Use:
  1. Protection from burglars
  2. forgetful family member
  3. keep out wild animals
  4. protect pipes from freezing
  5. garage door randomly opens
  6. near a Military Base/Airport
  7. fines from Home Owner Association
  8. drive home to check garage
  9. no wiring required to Motor
  10. delay times 1 minute to 4 hours

Automatic Garage Door Closer Comparison Chart:

ModelApproximate Install TimeTools RequiredDoor Closing WarningMin Delay TimeMax Delay Time
Protectrix™5 minutesNoneVisual and Audible1 minute4 hours
autoCLOSER™45 minutesDrill, Pencil, Wrench, Philips Screwdriver, Standard Screwdriver, Ladder, Wire Strippers, Drill BitNone2 minutes20 minutes
Garage Buttler™1.3 hoursTwo Screwdrivers, Wire Strippers, Scissors, Pencil, Measuring tape, Hammer, Step LadderAudible3 minutes60 minutes
GarageOne™35 minutesTwo Screwdrivers, Wire Strippers, Pencil, Measuring Tape, Drill, LadderAudible2 minutes20 minutes

Garage Door Requirements™:

  • Your garage door must be parallel to the ground when it is open (almost all garage doors do this); Type A, or B, not Type C or D.
    Garage Door Types
  • You must have an installed electric garage door opener that works with a remote control.

Technical Specifications

Protectrix Model
Protectrix 18M, S+ and (( )) Models Look Alike

Time until Garage
Alarm Goes off (then door closes):
Adjustable (1min, 2min, 5min, 10min, 20min, 30min, 1hr, 2hr, 4hr)

Alarm About to close: Audible beep and Flash every second for 30 seconds
Battery Low: Single Audible Beep and Flash every 60 seconds

Battery Type 9V/9Volt alkaline battery

Battery Life Typically two years - depends on temperature, humidity, and how often Protectrix closes your garage door

Product Warranty 2 month refund, 2 year replacement (not including battery)

Compatible Garage Doors Allstar™/Allister, Chamberlain®, Craftsman®, Genie®, Liftmaster®,Linear®, Marantec®, MasterCraft®, Moore-O-Matic™, Multi-Code™, Overhead®, Pulsar™,Raynor®, Sears®, Seaside®, Sommer®, Stanley®, Rolling Code. Protectrix DOES NOT WORK WITH Wayne Dalton

Dimensions 85mm (3 1/3") x 120mm (4 3/4") x 32mm (1 1/4")

Weight 200g (7 oz)

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