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All Customer Testimonials are written by actual Protectrix Customers. Except for spelling and punctuation, all comments are replicated exactly as received

" saw the Protectrix 18A featured on a Kim Komando email, and ordered it because It is a very good idea, and It was promoted by Kim Komando, someone I trust to give me good information.

I followed the Setup directions using both Step 1A & 1B, and made numerous attempts to activation, but I could not get the unit to work with my 5 year old Linear garage door opener.

I left a message with their answering service, and followed up with an email that included my phone number. By the next morning I had a response to my email with specific directions for my particular Linear model, #LDO33, and later that day, I received a follow up telephone call (it was on a Sunday too, when I would have never expected to hear from any business).

An employee who developed the Protectrix 18A, explained to me how they had learned that my particular Linear garage door opener needed a special install, and he walked me through the “learning code” process while we were talking on the telephone. Wow! What great customer service…and the product works great too.

I set the unit to close the garage door after 10 minutes, and today when my wife took off on her bike to play tennis, I told her to “leave the garage door open”. Ten minutes later, I watched through my upstairs office window, as the door closed all by itself. This is a “must have” for anyone over 60, who has a garage door. It will save you in time & gasoline, by not having to drive back home “just to make sure” the door is closed. "

J.P. - Fort Myers, FL

"This item is something that everyone needs with an automatic opener. Had it programmed and installed in less than 3 minutes and it works great. Thanks for a great, easy to use and set up product."
Dr. J.R. - Fort Myers, FL

"This is an update, your product arrived this evening... It works very well and I'm very pleased with your product... I wish that it had arrived yesterday, halfway to work I had to drive all the way home because I couldn't remember if I forgot to close the garage door... :) HA!"
L.S. - Tucson, AZ

"It works now. The instruction: The unit must be mounted parallel to the ground is a little confusing But I am happy now.

Since I was just robbed at gunpoint by intruders entering through an open garage door, it makes me feel much safer to know that the door will be closed automatically. I wish that I had known about this device a long time ago."

A.J. - Richmond, CA

"Hi, I recently received the Protectrix and installed it this afternoon. Installation was a breeze. Your product works exactly as stated on your web site. I can't tell you how many times I have backtracked home in the morning as I wasn't absolutely certain I had remembered to close the garage door. (Heck, the gas savings alone will eventually pay for it:) This is definitely one of those "Why didn't someone think of this before?" items. I first considered one of your competitor's products, but yours is much better conceived and engineered, not to mention MUCH easier to install. Anyway thanks for a great product and some added peace of mind."
J.D. - Tampa, FL

"I received and installed the 2 Protectrix door closers, and they both operate well. A very nice product! Thanks."
K.B. - Phoenix, AZ

"I live on the outskirts of town and since my accident I've been a little forgetful. More then once now there has been a rattlesnake coiled up against the door! Needless to say this product has been a lifesaver, Thanks."
J.L. - Palm Springs, CA

"This is a big relief, I used to turn around and go home every week or two because I couldn't remember if I closed the garage door, now I don't have to worry anymore. Sometimes I'm sure I left the garage door open, but now I always come home to it closed. I was robbed recently so I finally decided to do something about it, this looked like the best idea."
S.B. - Chandler, AZ

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